Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hello goodbyes <3

"hey.." he waved, awkwardly walking pass me.
I tried to ignore, but
it did not work.
"hello... ", we smiled.
This totally made my day <3

"You are always talking to them, and not me!"
He shrugged and walked off.
5 minutes late, the phone rang.
He sent a really cute apology message.

"Look! He's talking to another girl! OMG! Flirter!", I continuously complained.
He then walked pass without saying a word.
I wanted to break down and cry.
And the next day, he smiled and I melt
ed again.
Like always -___- wtf.

"Why are you so mean?", I stared at him.
"I am not..."
"You are always
blarghh* I hate you, argh!", stomped off.
"I'm sorry?", he apologised not knowing what he did wrong.
wtf so cute can.

"Where's your girlfriend?"
"I don't have one... Where's your boyfriend?"
"standing right in front of me He's there!", I pointed at the mirror and laughed.
He stood there and stared into the mirror for a few minutes just to realised there's no one there -__- but him.

"I'm not talking to you, today, tomorrow and on Friday anymore."
He did the -__- face, again.
It's always fun to see him pull that face.

He's so cute wtf.

I just realised I always throw tantrums at him.
but he's always flirting talking with girls others.
I'm so... (not) mean, right?

ahhh I'm confused :(
going to sleep right now.

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sofia said...

ade!! i know how it feels!! omg! *smacks head =.=
same situation, just more complicated.