Monday, March 30, 2009

I want you to understand that
I want to be more than just friends.
but we're not even friends now.

I wait for you to sign on,
I wait for your screenname to come up,
on the bottom right hand corner of my screen.
& then I want to IM you,
But sometimes i just can't.
I am restricted to.

Butterflies enter my stomach every time i see you.

Last night, I was dreaming about us being together.
But then I woke up and came back to reality.

Now I'm scared to talk to you,
Ever since that one day.
It's funny how one thing that happened one day,
can change your whole life.

i wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of you.

guess what time it is!
yes it's
i'm wishing not for you,
but for you to talk to me.
that's all i want,
just randomly IM/text me,
be the one to talk to me first

I get jealous when I see you with other girls.

You're the king of mixed signals,
and I’m the queen of second thoughts.

i wanted to tell you all my secrets , but you became one

i go the extra mile , i wake up those thirty minutes early just to have more time to look good for you. i walk past you twice in the hallway just for you to notice me , but all you notice are my bestfriends , i'm tired of being second best . i want to be the one you want , but i dont want to change for you , i want you to like me for me . but no , when i walk up to impress you , you impress HER . you wave goodbye to me , but you hug her goodbye . is second best all i'll ever be?

It kills me to know you're online but won't talk to me.
It just takes time, I guess, to realize I don't mean
anything to you anymore, & maybe I never really did.

I write all these quotes for you, and only you.
But the thing is, you don't even know.

secret #1: weekends without you have been pretty much screwed up.

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