Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picspam from 2008 to February 2009

Christmas Party with them girls.
Our first official Dress Party *screams*

Rachel Ooi Zi Xin's 18th Birthday.
our official Second Dress party *yay!*

Happy Chinese New Yearr :))
family reunion :)

my first attempt to bake a cake.
for HaoLiang :O
a very very very diabetes cake as he said :P

the last few pieces that were given to *points* that guy in brown, BOB! :p

Girlfriends came and visited me in Disted.
skipped Accounts to go out with them.

Played cards in Coffee Island after skipping class.

PC's birthday party, was almost overdressed.
or, I think I was over dressed & May was over shoe-ed :P

bought PC his cake on his official birthday (;

had my first Gellatissimo (soft) ice-cream on
one of those random-after-college outing

I'm sorry, I got lazy to update my March pictures.
it will be updated soon.

I'm done with Bibliography.
400 words more to go for Economics.
boo hoo.

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