Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to You.

you think I don't know what you did in Facebook?
you really think I'm so clueless about EVERYTHING?
why can't you just get over it?
I respected you, right, respected.
now? screw you.

I am not born to please everyone, especially not you.
I pretended to be clueless so you can put everything behind.
Right then when I thought you were over it, you start screwing it up more.
Guess what. You've lost my respect for you, even as an acquaintance.
I always thought you're more logical than this, more rational too.
Never knew you'd do such acts.
Oh well.

goodbye, stranger.

we've been ignorant for far too long.
it's time you can finally free from pretending to be a friend.
You blocked. I quit. We all lost, in a way.

I'm not angry, I'm not sad.
I am actually more relieved.

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