Saturday, March 27, 2010

Luxury Property in KL

The real-estate and property market is rising slowly in Malaysia and many of the real-estate and property agencies are all setting up websites to keep up with the technology we have. One of the websites I find quite interesting and useful would have to be Propwall.

Propwall is an online real-estate and property website which provides informative platform for those looking for house, condominium, apartment, office, shop lots and other properties. The website offer very detailed information about the properties. Personally, I think the website offers more luxury properties in KL as most of the ads I’ve browsed through are basically houses I probably can’t buy right now, nor rent, unless I hit the jackpot or something. No doubt, Propwall provides KL properties ads, as they have every section, from pictures (which is speak a thousand word compared to the word description), to the property detail & layout to the Analysis of the property as well. Besides KL, you can also search properties in your desired area using their search engine. Pretty impressive ey?

Overall, Propwall is very helpful and convenient especially nowadays as most of us don’t have time to roam around town looking for real estate. I remember browsing through their website looking for a house to rent as I was too lazy to drag my ass out of the house under the hot sun LOL :x

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Vincent said...


it's either u're interested in the property sector or propwall just paid u..

hmm.. not consistent with the postings on your blog.. or u could have gotten hacked?