Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here We Go Again

Sometimes I just wanna be impulsive enough to get on a plane/bus and vanish off
to a certain place, no one knows me.
Not leaving any notes or message.
just disappear

not for the attention.
just to get away from everything here.

they always seem to be able to fuck your life upside down
they call it unintentional.
I call it their fucking nature.

not insulting but yeah.
when they're too good. We complain
when they're too bad. We complain too.

I admit maybe we, ladies, are hard to please.
But men are the same no?
Why can't we have some equilibrium in them?
Why no optimal attitude men?


maybe I'm generalizing all men right now but just let me rant.

I haven't been ranting a lot in my blog.

get lost if you can't stand it. I am PMSing ==

When I want to go back, you call me dependent on my family and complain.
When I decide to stay, you pretend I'm non-existent and shove me right to one corner.
When I go out with new friends, you think I treat you as a rebound boy.
When I ask you out, you are never free for me.
When I don't, you think I'm good enough to fly on my own & start teasing me bout it.


I am never fighting back cause I thought men are always like that.
But sometimes, I just need you to initiate.
I need you to make me feel like I'm something.
Even if it's just a very small part.
At least make me feel wanted.

I may be harsh on words but if right now, you're going to ask me if I'm free for you, I will always be there, never once have I said no to you. Never once.
I may be pissed but the very next day, I will still be here for you when you need me.

I'm just a call away.


done ranting.

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