Saturday, October 4, 2008

picture-less entry.

It have been a looong week, I've been really busy with.. stuff. Out with friends and family. I think as days go by, I am getting lazier than ever, I snap a lot of pictures but I somehow just don't upload them up and blog about them anymore, I don't know why. Somebody should really activate me so I can start blogging about all of it. Thank God I didn't agree on my domain, the father will kill me if he finds out I don't blog as much anymore, or worst, don't blog about anything at all -___-

my parents read my blog.
not only them, my brothers and other relatives too.

Great exposure, I know :D
I don't mind actually, I don't hide much things from my family.
except some dirty little secrets.... *smirks*

I think I will only update when school reopens, when I finally have the urge to start blogging, again. The oomph is just not here, right now, nothing to push me into writing, and writing this entry is really tiring because I am like elaborating on the same point over and over again. If this is my English essay, I think that Mrs Fork would probably fail my paper right away, for real, that big fat meannie Mrs FORK. hmmpf.

I am using the brother's computer to type this as the laptop and another PC is being used by the father, fuiyohh, so pro -.- satu orang guna dua buah komputer.
Hebat ey?

I am practicing talking in Malay right now, I think I failed that for my trial o.O
pray for me I don't fail.
I am still looking for a BM tuition right now.
damn last minute lah I know -.-

I apologize for this pictureless post, this computer is PICTURELESS much.

& I think everyone is studying for SPM already.
I think I should start too....
at least a bit will lessen my guilt.

leaving right now.
read back soon.

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